Savannah Georgia Ship Channel

Downtown Savannah cuddles up to the south shore of the Savannah River and is just downstream from a major container port. Ships are sometimes routed close to the shore, close enough that you can feel the thrum of the engine in your chest as the ship passes by.

It is sobering to know this huge ship piled high with truck-sized containers represents only a tiny fraction of what we consume each day, one small link in the supply chain.

Coming head-on
Bulbous Bow Passing By
On Its Way

4 Comments on “Savannah Georgia Ship Channel

  1. Wow, I love these vivacious colors! And your description of the ships’ thrum.
    These images remind me of when we used to vacation on St Simon’s – it was fascinating to notice a speck on the horizon, then watch it through the day as it became a huge container ship that passed by on its way to unload in Brunswick. But they never looked this wonderfully psychedelic!

  2. Thanks, Gail! The experience of being so close to a moving ship this large was a little unnerving, and translating that experience into these images was the challenge.

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