Palm Avenue Perspectives

Palm Avenue is one of the more attractive streets in downtown Sarasota. It is lined with art galleries, boutiques and restaurants, palm trees (many of which will soon be removed), historic buildings (some of which will be removed to make way for another high rise for the affluent), and even a large verdant grassy patch (soon to be dug up and covered over with a hotel).

Even after these changes, Palm Avenue will still be attractive — and probably even more comfortable for some. But it will also be different, and so will the rest of the city. With every change, the benefits of the change are trumpeted — and the losses and questions papered over with glossy brochures. These “Perspectives on Palm Avenue” ask whether we are building the kind of city we want.

The Other Side of the Brochure

The Other Side of the Brochure

Palm Avenue Home for the Cars

Palm Avenue Home for the Cars

Life Repeats Itself

Life Repeats Itself

Who Owns the Water?

Who Owns the Water?


2 Comments on “Palm Avenue Perspectives

  1. Don,

    These are great – art and social commentary are often restless bedfellows. Yours work on a variety of levels.

    I’m thinking it would be good to set another Skype date. Weekends are better for us; how about you two?


    Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2014 19:46:30 +0000 To:

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