Readers in Flesh and Bronze

boy book and dog

A Boy, His Book and His Dog - 2011

Large white tapered pillars support the upper level of the Selby Public Library in downtown Sarasota. The pillars create a shaded arcade on all four sides of the building. Near a side entrance that overlooks a small park is a lifesize bronze sculpture of a boy reading with his dog beside him on the bench. It is a romantic image inviting one to enjoy the adventure of books.

On many days there are also flesh and blood readers sitting or leaning in the shade of those large pillars — perhaps waiting for the library to open, or just enjoying the shade. Appearing somehow less romantic, one wonders if any of these readers are the literate homeless and unemployed.

Shadowed Reader - 2011

Shadowed Reader - 2011

10 Comments on “Readers in Flesh and Bronze

  1. …and Imagination and Wisdom comfort them. I’d like to think they derive hope and new resolve from their readings.

    The library: the last sanctuary.

    Let’s hope Luddites don’t destroy it too.

    Beautiful images, both of them. I love how you seem to convey a universe of thought in each of these.

  2. Thank you, Melinda. Yes, each of these is contemplative in its own way. I’m glad you find them beautiful, too.

    The libraries provide a wonderful service for everyone, but especially for those who would not otherwise have access to the wealth of books and information there. As libraries go, this is a very nice one.

  3. looks like a lovely place to be reading. i like the atmosphere, a thoughtful sort of ambience, the sweep of color in the air around the boy, book and dog gives it an aliveness while evoking a contemplative repose. makes me want to be wandering through.
    and the shadowed reader reminds me of rodin’s “the thinker”

  4. Very cool.
    I’m always attracted to areas that you don’t see in everyday usual life.
    Sometimes the attraction isn’t the attraction … and entrances are entrancing.

    note: I’m foyeristic sometimes. hee hee!

  5. Thanks, tipota! It is a nice place to be reading, and “the thinker” is exactly what the guy in the shadows reminded me of. I love the color and light in the first one. It’s a lovely spot where the breeze blows gently and one can see through to light coming from the opening beyond.

  6. Hi planetross! Cool, yes. Even cool and breezy! I’m wondering what it means to be foyeristic…? Thanks for your visit!

  7. The background colors in the first picture look surreal, almost like the northern lights in the sky.

  8. Such a contrasting emotions in each of these Donald – bet you know the one that I gravitate towards. Both beautiful.

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