Details, Details

1963 Chevy

Midnight Blue ('63 Chevy) - 2011

Understanding the “big picture” is important. But that doesn’t mean one should ignore the details in life.

Sometimes, in fact, hints of the big picture can be glimpsed in the day’s details, like the mystery of a starry sky hidden in the door of an old Chevrolet, or the brief but brilliant song of a beach sunflower on a sunlit seaside dune. Stories exist that are more important than wealth and power.

Beach Sunflower

Beach Sunflower - 2011

11 Comments on “Details, Details

  1. i haven’t been here for some time and was absorbed by the images that you have created recently! the beauty lying not only in the colour choices but also the compositions!

  2. I can almost see the rest of the car, and yet, it has become a mystery of space travel or time travel in a meditative universe, a sanctuary of calm, amidst a time of trouble.

    Curious to think now that 1963 seemed like a less complicated time. Quite a contrast–and those days were volatile too!

  3. Oops. Clicked too soon. Love both images and enjoy that midnight blue so much. It reminds me of turquoise, not really blue, not really green. Nicely done!

  4. Thanks Melinda. I think the meditative qualities contrasted with the reality of the object are what draws me to that image of the old car.

    From this vantage 1963 does seem like a less complicated and conflicted time, but it was also the year Kennedy was killed, and many of the seeds of our current troubles had already been planted.

  5. Agreed. Kennedy’s assassination was the moment in which the country knew something was terribly rotten, but did not know what to do about it. Do we now?

  6. I don’t know, Melinda. In many ways we were and still are naive. Even though we know more now, solutions are elusive.

  7. I like big picture books, but there are so many more details in small picture books for some reason.

    note: “detailgaters” should be a word.

  8. planetross… Small picture books have more details because they don’t have room for the big picture. Is that what you meant? I’m guessing that detailgaters would use very small pick-ups.

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