Bromeliad Beauties

Pink with inflorescence

Pink with Inflorescence - 2011

These are two of over 3,000 species of bromeliads, a family that includes plants as diverse as spanish moss, the air plant well known by indoor gardeners, and the pineapple. Many, such as the spanish moss, are epiphytes that can subsist on nutrients in the air, rain and debris that fall around them, and do not need to be rooted to the ground. Others, like the pineapple are more terrestrial and do better rooted to the earth.

The variety of shapes and colors in these tropical plants is a dazzling reminder of the beauty around us — beauty that can bring balance into our lives if only we choose to look.

It's a gold one!

Golden - 2011

8 Comments on “Bromeliad Beauties

  1. i love the abstract quality of these two, and the feeling of being up close, right in the picture, they are wonderful!

  2. I see a head trying to eat the green/violet thing in the first image.

    note: I was just thinking about how nature supplies shrubbery with all the colours for some reason … and then I thought about my elbows and how bendy they are … and I forgot about what I thought about whatever I was thinking about before those amazing elbows.

  3. Planetross… it must be that round pink bubblish looking head that you see? Maybe it really got to you because your “note” seems a little drifty, or bendy. Thanks for visiting!

  4. These are both full of dance and beauty and YES beauty surrounds us!
    ps I see a (beautiful) happy little green face in the first image…

  5. Gorgeous images! I especially enjoy the composition and contrasts in the first one. The second one is fabulous too. It seems to be sending out its beauty with strong energy.

    Yes, it is important for us to choose to turn away from all the darkness haunting our world and turn toward beauty. It is a conscious choice–sometimes hard to do.

    I’m glad that we can come here and see your work.

  6. Thank you Melinda. I am glad you come here to look.
    Sometimes the darkenss finds its way in and we must honor it and show that it is there. But then it is also important to shine a light onto what is good and valuable.

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