Feral Feline

Feral Feline -- 2009

Feral Feline -- 2009

St. Croix is overrun with feral cats, despite the best efforts of several local non-profits to neuter as many as possible. Part of this cat’s territory is a little-used courtyard in downtown Christiansted. This is not the look of a kitty that wants to be petted. In fact, he clearly wanted me OUT of his territory! If he were ten pounds heavier, I’d have been more fearful than he was.

7 Comments on “Feral Feline

  1. Oh come on , planetross, you’re bigger than it is! Besides, I like razzbuffnik’s comment that it’s just guarding its cheese. So if we just all leave the cheese alone, we’ll be ok.

    Thanks to both of you!

  2. Menacing body language, those eyes, it had to be a black cat, and you were there with your new G10?
    Love the position of his tail- makes him look like he’s winched himself at a 180 degree angle to protect his turf.
    Maybe her turf.
    I know you didn’t get close enough to confirm those details.

    Great shot Don.

  3. The color and expression of the cat are very intense against the almost softness of the background stone, but the eye color with the surrounding yellows seems to balance everything. Another beautiful exceptional image.

  4. Thanks Bonnie, and welcome back. No I didn’t get close enough to confirm those details. I never noticed how it looks like he’s balanced on the tip of his tail! Funny thought.

    Catherine, thanks so much. Yes, the soft/sharp contrast and the eyes help make this one.

    Pat, it’s odd how people’s opinions of cats range from adoration to abject fear. Having met many feral cats this past few years, it is clear to me that unless they are socialized with people very early on, cats can be worthy of fear. Wild animals with the wits and tools to survive.

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