Bottled Sunlight Mixed with a Gentle Rain

Grapefruit - 2009

Grapefruit - 2009

Every July the local botanical garden sponsors the “Mango Melee” — a county fair-like event featuring dozens of varieties of local mangoes and other locally grown tropical fruit. This little pile of grapefruit was accented with one pink and one yellow fruit cut open to display the richly colored and textured interiors. If you could bottle sunlight mixed with a gentle rain, it might look like this.

7 Comments on “Bottled Sunlight Mixed with a Gentle Rain

  1. Good of you to feature the oft ignored grapefruit playing supporting back up to Queen Mango.
    Some of the sweetest grapefruit I’ve ever had, have been locally grown.

    I really like the negative space created by the two fruits touching.

    And how you’ve shown the center white parts at differing angles.
    I know that was no accident.

  2. Yes, Bonnie, Queen Mango may get all the press, but Mr. Grapefruit is pretty good, too. Now don’t the touching grapefruit violate some painter’s rule about avoiding “tangents” or something? It doesn’t matter I guess, because I like it that way, too…

  3. I like the sentence:

    “If you could bottle sunlight mixed with a gentle rain, it might look like this.”

    Very nice … just like the image.

  4. I like how luminous the pink grapefruit looks.

    Another image that looks like an oil pastel. Are you sure, that in your heart of hearts, you don’t want to draw and paint? Your sensibilities seem to be so painterly. This is not a criticism just an observation.

  5. Thanks razzbufnik. Indeed it looks like the light is coming right out of it. As for your observation, yes, I like the appearance of the hand even in digital art, but am reluctant to give up the flexibility of composition and color offered by digital tools.

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