Bromeliad Beauty

Bromeliad Beauty -- 2009

Bromeliad Beauty -- 2009

This bromeliad was growing in a friend’s garden. It’s not a perfect specimen, but the colors, the bit of water still held in the center, and the curve of the leaves all drew my attention as an illustration of the imperfect beauty available at our feet every day, if we only take time to look.

11 Comments on “Bromeliad Beauty

  1. Thanks razzbuffnik. It was intended to look that way.
    I worked on the original version in photoshop, but it developed a few “photoshoppy” artifacts that I didn’t like. So as an experiment I took it into Corel’s Painter and brushed out some of those artifacts. I’ve tried that before — with highly variable results! This one, however, seemed to be improved, even when viewed at a larger scale.

  2. It’s your eye/lens connection that makes the viewer capable of seeing everyday beauty.
    This is another lovely piece Don.

    Now, will you consider answering Razzs’ question?
    You and the Mrs. could take classes together.
    Seriously, you have the vision of an artist. In no way lessening the brilliant photos you produce.

    I’ll shut up now, it’s just a blatherers’ way of saying how great your work is…..

  3. Thanks Bonnie! What, so you think I dodged Razz’s question?

    Seriously, the answer is no, I haven’t really tried drawing and painting other than what was associated with some print-making many years ago. On the other hand, I seem to be moving in that direction, probably because I consciously try to learn from and use some of the techniques and processes common to the more traditional media.

  4. Very beautiful intense image. I agree with Bonnie’s comment that it’s your vision that allows us to see beauty in things that we may not otherwise notice. Having the artist’s eye allows us to see things that others may not notice and allows us to capture these images and transform them so that they can be appreciated visually and emotionally. The resulting artwork is what is important…not whether it is paint, photo, pastel, computer, collage etc. Keep producing these wonderful works of art!

  5. Planetross, I’m so glad I could provide you with some more rorschach material! Horse’s eye? Well, I’ll have to think about that… Thanks for stopping by!

    Catherine, thanks so much for your kind comments. Indeed, I do plan to keep working!

  6. Ways of seeing is the daily creative act…color for you seems like a sweet spot and I wonder after reading Bonnie’s suggestion what the act of learning to paint, never mind the end result, might do to your eyes. It’s sorta exciting to think about, really.

  7. Pat, I agree that seeing is the creative act that happens whenever one allows it. Color and paint? Color, yes. But paint? You know the old saw about old dogs and new tricks… but you never know!

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