Upheaval at the shore

Upheaval at the shore - 2009

Upheaval at the shore - 2009

While walking along the beach, the blue waves of the Caribbean Sea were in sharp contrast to the sunlit golden sand, coral stone and little black sea urchins at my feet. Suddenly, the warm tones of the sand and stone just under the water’s edge burst out, threatening to tear the very fabric of the sea… I wonder if that happens every day.

11 Comments on “Upheaval at the shore

  1. As long as you’re there to document it, I’m sure it does happen every day.
    Great compliments of colors Don.

  2. photos4u2c, Thanks! Yes, the oranges and blues sure do intensify each other.

    Hi Bonnie, so its like the old question about the tree falling in the forest… if nobody hears it, does it still make a sound?

  3. I see a face in the bubbly bit above the orangy stuff!
    It looks like Quark from Deep Space 9!
    It can’t just be me that sees this.

    The sea is always tearing fabric: I had a perfectly good pair of swimming shorts; but after a few years of swimming in the ocean, they just kind of disintegrated on me.

    It’s a very different sort of photo: futuristic … is the best I can come up with in the present.

  4. “I wonder if that happens every day.”

    Perhaps on the moon Titan, when there is a volcanic eruption that melts the methane ice.

    Once again you’ve come up with an otherworldly image.

  5. planetross – Thanks for stopping by! I’m sorry about your swim shorts, but was it some sort of eruption that caused their final demise? I’m still working on finding Quark…

    razzbuffnik – Thanks for your comment! Titan? or perhaps Mercury… maybe i need to get more down to earth now.

  6. Tell me about it. I’ve been having some incredibly vivid dreams lately. Hard to stay asleep.

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