Contact -- 2009

Contact -- 2009

Two large rocks along the shore just barely touched, bridged by a few small stones and had a thin channel of seawater running between them. The shadows and colors reminded me of a bruise radiating out from where the rocks made contact.

For contact of a different sort, I had an opening reception for a show of my work last Saturday night at a small gallery in Christiansted . Even though this is the off-season here on St. Croix, we had nearly 100 guests and over 20 sales. I was thrilled with such a positive response. I guess I’ll keep working!

11 Comments on “Contact!

  1. Congrats on the positive response!

    It looks like one of the small stones is a tongue … and that one rock is licking the other rocks nose. But that’s just me.

  2. Hi Donald, i love the images you have produced here but can you explain to me what digital art is? I guess it is less messier than oil painting and you don’t end up smelling of solvents or oils or with oil paint in your hair. If i like the sound of it I might drop the oil painting paraphernalia for this type of art.

  3. Thanks, planetross! Licking its nose, huh? Well I guess there could be worse stories…

    rahinaqh– Thanks for stopping by! These all started as digital photos, and I use a process similar to what a painter might, starting with an “underpainting”, then building up the detail and textures and finishing with a “glaze” or “wash” to help tie the colors together. I assure you there are fewer fumes, but often just as much frustration as with oil paints! But none of the joys of walking around with paint blobs on your clothes.

  4. thanks for that. i’d love to see stage by stage process of how you do this. as it is called digital i guess it is done on a computer. and do you use a ready made programme or is it your own invention? it sounds fascinating as you use the same terminology as us wielding a paint brush with rainbow coloured hands.

  5. rahihaqh, yes on a computer. I use mostly Adobe Photoshop, but also Corel Painter sometimes. Both Adobe and Corel offer free trial downloads of the software good for 30 days or so. Steep learning curve on either, but check it out!

  6. Congratulations! I hope some of those sales were yours. 😉

    This one really freaks me out. It looks like some kind of wormy squishy alien beings consulting.

  7. Hi Jala. Planetross above says it looks like one of them is sticking out its tongue (a form of consulting, guess). As for the show… it was a solo show, so all the sales were mine! I’m still in shock.

  8. Hi,
    Your pictures are amazing. I am so lucky to have a framed one in my house. I am having the B Day card framed the colors go with the one Susan sent to me of her painting. Love it. Nice ot have two artists in the family

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