In case of emergency…

... just pull the red handle  - 2009

... just pull the red handle - 2009

Did you ever feel like you needed an escape hatch? Here’s one. Just pull the red handle and see where you go.

7 Comments on “In case of emergency…

  1. I’m always afraid to pull the “red handle”.
    I’m always afraid someone is going to say, “Ah Hah! I’ve caught you red handled!”

  2. Love that melange of geometry and color. The forbidden red, like the phone at the President’s bedside.

    Isn’t Planetross the most ridiculous best?!

    Looking forward to seeing what your final selections will be for your show.

  3. Razzbuffnik, thank you!

    Bonnie, you know, I had this photo with the red handle in it… the picture wasn’t very interesting, but the red handle on this big pipe was, so I just had to wrap it with a bit of mystery.
    The show will be all new within the last year, but nothing from the past month or two (those will have to wait). Some you’ve seen here, but some you haven’t!

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