The Baths at Wills Bay

The Baths at Wills Bay - 2009

The Baths at Wills Bay - 2009

The “baths” at remote Wills Bay on the northwest shore of St. Croix is essentially a large tidepool set among sharp jagged rocks. The water is clear and green and is refreshed periodically when a large ocean swell crashes into the rock barrier and splashes over into the pool. It’s a bit of a struggle to get there (unless you hire a jeep and guide), but is one of the magical spots on the island.

5 Comments on “The Baths at Wills Bay

  1. Very dramatic. Wonderful color harmony, with those reddish-brown hues near the bottom complementing the watery colors.

  2. Thanks Jala! Most of the colors come through here, even though this is one of those that shows better in a larger size.

  3. Great sense of the cascading water over the rocks. What really works is the color relationships and how they’re represented in the composition.
    I really like the way you used your digital canvas to divide the space.

    I was just there a few weeks ago and agree with you- it’s one magical place and well worth the hike to get there.

    Looking forward to your upcoming show Don.

  4. Thanks iheartfilm! Sorry to say that although this spot is relatively inaccessible, the local entreprenuers can get their big wheeled jeeps down there, so a jeepload of tourists will show up from time to time — especially during season. More satisfying to walk there though…

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