Primarily Abstract

Primarily Abstract - 2009

Primarily Abstract - 2009

This image started as a photograph of some reddish-brown vines, green weeds, bright yellow/green paint spilled on the broken pavement, and shattered blue glass scattered across the area. I was attracted by the color fields and the texture of the blue glass.

Unfortunately, the areas of color were not clearly defined by a change in values and the scene was flat, despite the colors. This abstract is the result of my experimentation to find a solution and “save” what was interesting about the original scene.

8 Comments on “Primarily Abstract

  1. And very successful it is!!
    Hey, I might be coming to visit (and meet!) Bonnie sometime…Hope I can meet you too.

  2. Thanks Jala. Coming to St. Croix?! That would be great. I know Bonnie well, so I’m sure a get-together could be arranged!

  3. Nice. The image almost looks like a microscopic specimen slide interpreted by Tiffany glass blower.

  4. Thanks, razzbuffnik. There really isn’t much sense of scale is there? I like the transparent layers, like glass or poured resin.

  5. That Razz is on a roll of inspired descriptions! I’m gonna pretend I thought of the Tiffany glass blower part! Very nice, Don!

  6. Yep, to St.Croix. The Husband and I have been invited by Bonnie! Don’t know when yet, though–I guess winter or spring. We’ve never been before.

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