The Changing Room

The changing room - 2009

The changing room - 2009

This image came from a little park on the beach nearby. There is a small building with changing rooms for swimmers, and a number of large rocks and boulders that have been painted bright pink, yellow and purple. The half door, the colored boulders and the play of the shadows under the eaves in the early morning light led to this abstraction.

8 Comments on “The Changing Room

  1. Another fantastic image. Nice juxtaposition of the pastel and psychedelic. Discord is one of my favourite colour schemes.

  2. Spectacular image Don! I love those Wonder Bread happy colors, seemingly unaware of that rather sinister black void behind them.
    A good analogy for life.
    I’d be standing there warning them ” don’t go into the changing room…”. ” You’re perfect just the way you are”!

  3. razzbuffnik – Thanks! pastel and psychedelic.. love it!

    Jala- thank you! Those colored rocks are pretty weird… where else but in the Caribbean?

    Bonnie – Great description! So articulate, you are. my feelings about it exactly. No sirree, i won’t go in there.

  4. This is fantastic. It’s like a surprise party waiting for whoever is about to emerge form that door.

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