Left behind

Shard - 2009

Shard - 2009

This thick pale-blue piece of glass was laying on the broken green pavement of a long-abandoned and overgrown tennis court. While greens are not always my favorite color, this was like finding a jewel in the trash — a bit of beauty in what has been left behind.

5 Comments on “Left behind

  1. Finding beauty in unexpected places is a great benefit of being a visual, aesthetic person.
    Wonderful balance of shapes, composition, darks and lights.
    Oh, and the texture!

    So serendipitous how these pieces pop up out of oblivion.

  2. Razzbuffnik – Thanks, and no it wasn’t smashed in vain — nor was the tennis court allowed to go to ruin n vain. Lots of interesting images there among the broken pavement.

    Bonnie, you noticed the textures! That’s something that doesn’t always show well on these small web-versions. I use texture a lot in my recent work, and feel that the size of the final print is important to the intended balance between texture and composition. So I’m not one who can “print this image in any size from 5×7 to 16×20”. I’ve noticed that scale and size carry many of the same issues for painters.

  3. Jala- Thanks! It does have a melancholy feel, now that you mention it. Perhaps its the subject – broken glass and dry husks – but I think somethng about the colors also lends a little melancholy.

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