Colonial-era “Copper”

While enduring a stressful period in one of my other endeavors, it seemed a good time to work on what I hoped would be a peaceful landscape, a pretty picture. This was the result.

Copper - 2009

Copper - 2009

The object in the foreground is a colonial-era artifact known as a “copper”. These large iron containers were used to boil down the cane juice in the production of sugar during the sugar and slave-trade era in the Caribbean. So even this tranquil scene carries a mixed message from our past, and begs questions about the vestiges of that past that remain.

4 Comments on “Colonial-era “Copper”

  1. It is a nice spot, Jala. Never thought of the copper as a monk’s begging bowl, but it fits the scene. Big monk, though.

  2. I always feel that dichotomy of trespassing on an awful time in history when I walk around ” ruins ” and ” overseers ” houses.
    Trying to imagine the heat, the conditions, the bondage- it’s very powerful.
    There’s a different juxtaposition in what you’ve done to make the tree look like a bonsai next to a mixing bowl. Hard to tell which is big and which is miniature.
    Makes one think….

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