A Ripe Tomato from the Caribbean

This started out as a ripe tomato from the local organic farm. So sweet and delicious, it’s just a distant relative to what can be bought in the store.

It’s one of those tomatoes that, even when perfectly ripe, is still a mix of brick-red and green. It had delicate rings of tan scar tissue — maybe tomato stretch marks? — and a cleavage from the stem down the back side. Only a tomato, but I think that’s where its magic lies.

Ripe tomato - 2009

Ripe tomato - 2009

4 Comments on “A Ripe Tomato from the Caribbean

  1. It’s not merely a tomato at all. It’s murano glass, handblown into an ornament of enviable beauty.

    Nestled in between those diagonals- held in place like a ring in a velvet box.

  2. Ooh, funky cool.

    I know exactly the type of tomato you’re talking about. We are going to try to grow some this summer.

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