She’s a really sweet dog, even if a little narrow-minded.

What, me worry?

What, me worry?

6 Comments on “Narrow-minded

  1. Karla needn’t worry at all. That’s what she has parents for!
    She may be narrow minded but no less savvy.

    I shall forewarn Karla’s mom, that her portrait is best left to a non-relation photographer.

    There’s actually something historically regal looking about her pose, until you look at those goofy ears and those Newman eyes. Alfred E., not Paul.

  2. Hi Bonnie,
    Good thing Karla doesn’t relate to 2-dimensional images, isn’t it? When we first got her and sent a picture to my family up north, the reaction to those ears from a young grand-niece was “That’s no dog! That’s a GOAT!” Poor Karla never got over it, and often eats grass, garbage and other trash as if she were a goat…

  3. Right, Jala. And now in the interest of “Fair and Balanced” reporting, I will be posting a “nice” portrait of her.

  4. An excellent piece of manipulation and you put a smile on my face today. The dopiness of the look on the dogs face just sums up so well my ideas of might be going on in a dog’s mind.


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