You see, there was this “found object” — an old machine part of some sort laying in an abandoned building that inspired the image in the previous post, and this one, and a few others. So in a way, I’m recycling, without even using anything up.

Ironman with feet of stone - 2009

Ironman - 2009

Even in old trash left behind to rust into the ground, there may be some animus, like the spirit of this ironman bearing his heavy load.

5 Comments on “Ironman

  1. Aren’t we all bearing the weight of something or another!
    As heavy as the load appears, I’m finding some benign, kind, cuteness in the creature below the dark that maybe represents our hope.
    Luckily we only have the HALF Ironman to consider here on St. Croix.

    You’re fortunate to be able to recycle in your jammies.
    Fine use of lights and darks and composition to move us all around the image.

  2. Jala and Bonnie, I think there is something both menacing and hopeful in the image. Thanks for your comments.

    In every image I’ve worked on using the photos of this abandoned trash, the result has had a machine- or war-like quality. Despite how far from the original I stray, some of the essence of the original photo always seems to come through.

  3. I’m reminded of Roger Dean’s work from the early 1970s that combined animals with machinery. The image almost looks like a cross between a gull and a fighter plane

  4. Razzbufnik, I had to look up Roger Dean, but then I recognized him… “Yes”! And much more of course. That was the early stages of a whole genre that has developed — now fairly common among many younger digital artists; and related, of course, to the visuals of many video games.
    A gull and a fighter plane, huh? Ok, I can see that…

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