Giant Sucking Sound

Giant Sucking Sound

Giant Sucking Sound

It was Ross Perot who popularized the “giant sucking sound” phrase. Living on a Caribbean island we hear that sound sometimes. But in our case it is the sound of major off-island “investors” (a.k.a., developers) sucking the island dry of its fragile and scarce land resources — leaving behind a ruined landscape and a few low-paying service jobs, while removing the value of the precious land they have consumed.

While this is not true of all developers, the islands are hungry enough for more economic activity that our leadership too seldom dinstinguishes among them.

7 Comments on “Giant Sucking Sound

  1. Ross is a bit odd and out there, but a very smart man. Love that phrase.

  2. As soon as I read the title, I tried to recall where I heard that phrase first. How many years later and it still applies??!!

    We’re just waiting to see, feel, watch the mad scramble here as the stimulus monies start to roll in. And O-U_T. Maybe without even accomplishing their intended goal.

    Like the imagery and tie in to the lament.
    Life on St, Crooks is no different from life in the Capitol.

  3. Thanks Jala. Yes, …sigh.

    Welcome back! Thanks for the comment, and I agree, life is no different here, maybe just smaller? I’m rooting for Kelly to catch some of that stimulus on its way by anyway!

  4. Your images ‘suck’ me in. Sometimes they are really simple – but there is a movement and energy there that always makes me sit with them for a while!

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