Milkweed Flower – Beyond the Veil

Milkweed Flower

Milkweed Flower

This is a straightforward photograph of the flower of the local milkweed plant, interesting and lovely in its own right. The plant is similar in many ways to the milkweed common in northern latitudes, except this species is much larger, sometimes growing as a shrub or small tree to 10 feet tall or more.

The image below is an experiment in abstraction, pulling back the veil of perception to illustrate the energy inherent in these little flowers. It is interesting that, despite the level of abstraction, so many elements of the original photograph are still in place.

Milkweed - Beyond the Veil, 2009

Milkweed - Beyond the Veil, 2009

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  1. Thanks Jala, for your comment here and on the eggplant. With the difference is styles, you can see I’m searching to find my clear voice. It’s coming…

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