Sea Grape

When they take the form of a tree, sea grapes have a distinctive shape and silhouette, and an interesting texture with their large round flat red-veined leaves. This one had taken up a traditional position along the shore. The early morning light gave even the green leaves a reddish glow. I eliminated some of the distracting detail to focus on the colors, the light and the simple composition of the original scene.

Sea Grape by the Shore - 2009

Sea Grape by the Shore - 2009

6 Comments on “Sea Grape

  1. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog! I am assuming you came from Bonnie’s, just because I see you’re also in St.Croix. Well, so I see she also has great artist friends! Your work is really lovely. I love the black sapote, starfruit, and this landscape. Fabulous!

  2. P.S. Thanks also for the comment on my pastels colors.

    I’ve added you to my blogroll; would you like to exchange links?

  3. Hey Don- so glad you and Jala found each other. Same echelon of artistry, in my opinion.
    It tickled me to see your name mentioned on her post today.

    Earth, sea, tree, sky- it’s like observing a painting by squinting and getting the forms without relying on the sentiment of details. It’s all here. The source of light and shadow too.
    Another terrific piece here.

  4. Jala, Thanks for visiting and your kind comments. Yes I initially found your work through the link on Bonnie’s blog, but have been lurking quietly for a while. Yes, I’ll add a link here to you shortly. And tagged! oh dear… now I’ll have to get to work!
    And thanks to you Bonnie, for all your encouragement, comments, and the links on your blog! You never know where they will lead.

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