Tagged! The thanks go to Jala Pfaff. Check out her blog, and don’t miss her website where you will see many more fabulous paintings and pastels!

Since Jala was passing on a combination of two tagging awards, I’ll take my choice with the “Fabulous Blog Award.” This tagging thing is a great opportunity to get to know other artist’s work better, expand horizons, recommend a few sites to others, and maybe encourage folks to stop by to have a look here.


The rules are simple:
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules.
3. Tell 5 interesting things about yourself.
4. Pass the award on to 5 others.
5. Tell those five others they’ve been tagged.

A few tidbits about myself:

1. As you can see, I have a flying dog. I like her very much.
2. My dog has her own email account. I can’t give out the address, however, because the spam makes her fat.
3. Spam makes me fat, too.
4. I love the ocean and her many moods.
5. My favorite color changes, depending on the other colors nearby.

Choosing the people I’d like to tag is a little harder. I’m a relative newbie to the blogging scene, and some of my favorite bloggers have just recently been tagged, so I’ll pass them by to “share the wealth” a little.

Tina Mammoser (The Cycling Artist). Interesting blog with notes on her painting process. Be sure to check out her portfolio website, too, for some truly extraordinary paintings.

Watermarks, a group blog from artists making art about water — Since I love the sea so much.

Steven Walker Studios. Take a look and you’ll see why I recommend it.

Linda Womak’s Embracing Encaustic because I think it is an intersting medium.

And for something totally different, how about “I am the Cheese” by planetross to brighten your day!

6 Comments on “Tagged!

  1. Yea!!!! Don’s jumped in the tagging waters. Nicely done, Don.
    It’s everything you just said and a great way to overlap the circles.
    I can write this, now that I’ve stopped laughing over Karlas’ superwoman impersonation.

    Isn’t ” I Am the Cheese ” a great source of wacky, brilliant nuttiness?

  2. Yes, Bonnie, planetross brightens my day.
    Jala, the dog is Karla, a shelter dog who got lucky (or so we like to think). She excells at sleeping, eating, going for a walk and riding in the car. These and anything else you suggest in the right tone of voice are her favorite things. She lives very much in the present, thereby helping keep some of the “big dogs” in the household a little more centered.

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