Scent of St. Croix?

Scent Croix

Lotions, Potions and More - 2010

A play on words and the image of a dark haired seductress graces this sign hanging beneath a covered arcade in Christiansted town. The store advertises that it sells costumes and “accessories” such as lotions, bath products, “kama sutra” and more.

A few blocks away, another female gazes forlornly from behind the bars of an abandoned storefront. Someone has placed her there among the detritus of the vacant store, but close to the window and discreetly covered in brightly colored cloth.

While geographically isolated, St. Croix is still flooded with the homogeneous commercialized images of “woman” sold by corporations. But there also seems to be room for creativity and personalized imagery. I hope this kind of personalized imagery is thriving on the streets everywhere.

Left Behind

Left Behind - 2010

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