Scent of St. Croix?

Scent Croix

Lotions, Potions and More - 2010

A play on words and the image of a dark haired seductress graces this sign hanging beneath a covered arcade in Christiansted town. The store advertises that it sells costumes and “accessories” such as lotions, bath products, “kama sutra” and more.

A few blocks away, another female gazes forlornly from behind the bars of an abandoned storefront. Someone has placed her there among the detritus of the vacant store, but close to the window and discreetly covered in brightly colored cloth.

While geographically isolated, St. Croix is still flooded with the homogeneous commercialized images of “woman” sold by corporations. But there also seems to be room for creativity and personalized imagery. I hope this kind of personalized imagery is thriving on the streets everywhere.

Left Behind

Left Behind - 2010

13 Comments on “Scent of St. Croix?

  1. The first shot put a smile on my face. I felt that I knew instantly what sort of person runs the store. The image speaks volumes about somebody’s self image and their relationship with the rest of the world.

    The mannequin in the window reminds me of when I was in my early 20s and I found one in the street. I took it home, thinking I’d use it as decoration but what I hadn’t counted on was, that every time I went into the room it was in, at night and the lights weren’t turned on, it used to scare the heck out of me. I never got used to it and eventually the mannequin was returned to the street.

  2. Razzbuffnik, you got friends like the person who runs that store!?? Ha, ha! Glad I could give you a chuckle. Thanks!
    I agree mannequins can be spooky. A college roommate of mine kept one around for a while. Decorated her up and all. It was weird walking by his room. Eventually she was donated to another poor soul who needed her more.

  3. the top image has a brand-name kind of quality but its so particular (the products i suppose, a little store dedicated to scent and body/bath sorts of specialties) its like a scent itself, as if this store was one colorful little bottle on a shelf with all the others and a variety of labels, ands it would have patchouli or sandalwood or something in it. very interesting, how you conjured the sense of smell with that image. it seems like a print of it would be scented, ha ha, lavendar maybe. scent is so evocative, this is a wonderful duo presented here.
    the mannequin, wow. did you ever see the twilight zone episode about the department store mannequins who took turns coming alive and going out into the world, each one given one month leave of absence. a classic. one of them forgets she was ever a mannequin and almost doesnt make it back to the store in time for the next one to leave, she doesnt even know why she wandered into the store, but finally she goes back to regular mannequin life ha ha. seems sad too.

  4. Just like Tipota, I smelled patchouli as soon as I saw the first sign.

    Like I said before, I feel like I already know what the person who owns the store is like. It wouldn’t surprise me if astrology and tarot pops into their conversation every now and again.

  5. Thanks tipota! Wonderful idea, a scented print! Some art begs to engage more of the senses than just the visual; one reason I enjoy your music/prose-poetry combinations so much.
    I don’t remember that twilight zone episode, but it’s a great story. Cinderella, but without the happy ending.

    And razzbuffnik, now I’ll have to go by there and see if patchouli really is wafting through the door. Could be…

  6. My grand nieces and nephew love to take a shower at my house cuz I have colorful sponges and scented bath wash that smells like caramel. Old girls need creative scents!!

  7. Well, Pat, I understand the thing about girls liking creative scents… but caramel? I’m not sure this little shop would have caramel. There is a certain “darkness” to the place, if you know what I mean…

  8. An enlightened man, how wonderful to read!
    I like how it says that “kama sutra” is an “accessory.” Hahaha.

  9. Thanks, Jala! I thought that was pretty funny, too, and was tempted to ask what “kama sutra” accessories they had in stock!

  10. Seeing the mannequin in the window is very enigmatic. There is an archetypal quality and a wistful suggestion of gender issues, even if unintended. It reminds me of Grace Hartigan’s painting of mannequins in the 1950s shop windows of New York.

    Very interesting work!

  11. Hi, Melinda. Thanks so much! She does have a slightly sad, wistful look. The ambiguous suggestion of gender issues was intended in part, but I also wonder who put her there and why. This is not in a part of town where one would expect any sort of artistic or social “statement”. That accidental quality added to the interest.

  12. That sign made me laugh the first ( ten ) time ( s ) I passed it in town. At least they didn’t feel the need to add the ever ubiquitous ” Z ” to replace the ” S ” in the first word.
    Got to give them their props for having a scent of humor in their store’s identity though.
    Funny how I thought the bottom image was from one of our red light areas in town until I read that it was a mannequin. Of course she’s dressed a bit more demurely than she’d have been were she a live one.

  13. Hi Bonnie!
    What, we have a red light “district”? I didn’t know it was restricted to a district… A “scent of humor”? Oh boy. These a good examples of how local creativity can spice up a walk down the street, though. Thanks for stopping by!

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