Doors to Different Realities

Vault Door

Vault Door -- 2011

There was a greeting card with the picture of a dog by a screen door with the caption, “A door is something the dog wants to be on the other side of.” Anyone with a dog knows the truth of that. If he’s in, he wants to be out — and if he’s out he wants in.

People, on the other hand, sometimes feel more ambivalent about entering doors. While curiosity or the desire for something may urge us on, passing through a door takes us into a different world, a different reality that may not be entirely comfortable. If we think about it, we may hesitate before passing through that door — or like the dog, we may want out as soon as we are in.

liquor door

Liquor Door -- 2011

Beyond the Green Door

Beyond the Green Door - 2009

Beyond the Green Door - 2009

This is from the same series as the “Window to the Past” in the previous post. Here the brightly lit interior space draws the viewer in toward the green door with the little round window. It looks dark through there. I wonder what is on the other side?

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