Labyrinth at Mt. Washington

edge of the labyrinth

At the Labyrinth's Edge - 2010

Estate Mount Washington in the lush tropical hills of northwest St. Croix contains the ruins of an old sugar plantation and rum factory. The current owners have cleared the bush from around the ruins and invite visitors to come explore the park-like grounds. Amid the ruins is a labyrinth. All are encouraged to walk it in contemplation and thanks.

A labyrinth is an ancient symbol and meditation tool. Unlike a maze which has many twists and turns, dead ends and false paths, a labyrinth has only one path into the center, and the same path back out again. The journey to the center is a metaphor for one’s own journey to their center and back out into the world.

The Mount Washington labyrinth is laid out with smooth and interesting local stones on a bed of soft wood chips. In the center is a bleached brain coral stone surrounded by several beautiful heart shaped stones, one of which forms the background for the image below.

center of the labyrinth

At the Labyrinth's Center - 2010

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