Inspiration in the Alley

Behind the shining facade luring you in

there is always a back door,

sometimes hidden away in a quiet alley.

These unglamorous places near the heart of town

can offer surprises and food for the imagination,

often telling a different story about where you are.

Blob Dylan
Two Ways In
Concrete Moth
Glass Door with a Message
Step Into the Light
Reflections from a Cadillac

Back Doors and Alleys

Back door to toy lab

Toy Lab - 2011

What is it with back doors and the alley? Utilitarian and faded, sometimes littered with discarded goods, a garbage can, maybe a place to park, the alley beckons with a bit of mystery. Unlike the front door’s public face, the alley may offer a glimpse behind the curtain, a slightly different view of the life of the city.

white hot and melting

White Hot -2011

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