Pictures from the Fair

Ag-Fair Yellow

Ag-Fair Yellow - 2010

St. Croix’s annual agricultural fair held in February is an eagerly anticipated and well attended event. And then there is the color.

There is a small village of food booths in one area all painted the same slightly greenish yellow. Vendors sell pates (vaguely like a fried turnover), johnnycakes, fried chicken and fish, a variety of fruit drinks and other local delicacies out of these booths.

One of the routes from the food booths to the animal, fruit and vegetable displays leads down a narrow street lined with vendors selling everything from t-shirts to honey to art and jewelry — and even a few local politicians hawking their wares to the sound of reggae in the background. Come early in the day to beat the crowds and the heat of the sun!

Vendors at the Fair

Vendors' Row -- 2010

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