Gulf Beach Dreams

Hazy dreams of a day at the beach. Blue skies, family and friends, wrapped in the warm Gulf air and waters.

But then comes the runoff after the rain, the oil, the dead fish and other Red Tide detritus, reminders of what else that warm water holds.

Gulf Beach Dream
Morning Footprints in the Freshly Raked Sand
Just a Ripple at the Shore
Keeping Watch
The Pier That Used To Be
After the Rain
A Colorful Death
Red Tide Detritus

9 Comments on “Gulf Beach Dreams

  1. Oh what joy! Thank you for a feast of beauty! Looking at each again and again and each time, the reward of finding something new and unexpected. Thank you , Don for sharing these images that touch me as a symphonic poem!

    The pictures serve to obliterate the horror of the daily news and allow one to float on a wave of blissful innocence! Ahhhh. Hope

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  2. Hope said it well!
    With some of these images – such as After the Rain – the color and beauty of the composition makes me forget the grim reality that they represent.
    Also, l love the bold contrasts and textures of The Pier That Used To Be.

  3. Thank you, Gail. That tension between the beauty of an image and the reality it represents is part of what I am trying to say. I love “The Pier…” for some of the same reasons.

  4. Love “Bird-plosion” !! Hitchcock is smiling, too…

  5. I really like this piece. To me, it truly exemplifies the parallel existence of nature and chaos, chaos and nature. You can’t have one without the other. It also shows us how beautiful chaos can be, and how we should embrace it, and not be afraid of it. Thank you. Well done !!

  6. Sorry Donald.. That ‘Anonymous’ post was from me. George

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