Industrial Counterpoint

Thousands of people travel to Southeast Alaska every year to experience the grandeur and wildness of its natural wonders. But getting to those wild places is itself a business of industrial scale — an industrial counterpoint to the experience of nature that is the goal of so much travel.

There is tension between the experience of nature and the means to achieve it. It is important to acknowledge that tension, while recognizing that the man-made and the natural environments each have their own rhythms, needs and contributions to make. Each can make room for the other.

Ships in Skagway Harbor

Crowding In



Skagway Harbor Tug

Skagway Harbor Tug

Distant Snowfield, Alaska

Distant Snowfield

Seattle Skyline

Seattle Skyline

4 Comments on “Industrial Counterpoint

  1. Don, these are all images that take me in. Especially like ‘Intrusion’ and ‘Crowding In.’ And, as Pat and I mentioned on Skype today, we like your thoughts and descriptions that accompany the photos.

  2. Thanks, Paul. I think “Crowding In” is one of my favorites of this group, too. It was taken in the little town of Skagway, Alaska. With less than 1,000 permanent residents it hosts over 900,000 visitors every summer! Crowding in, indeed!

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