The Power of an Orchid

Orchid Power - 2011

With the world in turmoil, new wars piled upon wars, disasters natural and man-made, and increasingly mean-spirited politics, take a moment to contemplate the innocent but sensuous beauty of the orchid.

Rather than an escape from reality, a few moments spent with the beauty of nature can be a source of balance and peace, and perhaps provide some of the wisdom needed to discern what is right.

(Orchids here are thanks to the Marie Selby Botanical Garden in Sarasota, Florida.)

An Innocent Orchid -- 2011

6 Comments on “The Power of an Orchid

  1. Thanks for the visit, Richard! Pacified or centered, whichever one prefers, nature helps me think more clearly…

  2. When I smell roses, I realize that a lot of people don’t smell like that.

    “Because” always rears its ugly head when I contemplate flowers and humans in the same contemplation … and ask “Why?”

    As Buddy Hackett said maybe in that movie, “It’s a mad mad mad mad world”.

  3. Hi planetross! If people smelled like roses all the dogs would be very confused… and I’d be confused if people acted like roses. Now that I think about it, how DO roses act? Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Hi Don,…Seems you have settled nicely in Florida and are back with photos and philosophies to stimulate the senses…….These are a couple beauties!

    Nature has always been a place for me to relax and renew as well …

    Love the koi Too!

    Welcome back dude!

  5. Hi and thanks, Robin! Yes, we are starting to settle in. The slightly exotic subject matter in St. Croix lends an instant interest to images from there. Here in Florida, the surroundings, while beautiful, are for the most part more controlled and contained. Even the beach is a cleaner sweep of sand mostly unbroken by rocky outcops, in all making for a different kind of artistic challenge. So glad you like the koi! Some of my favorites from here so far.

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