Those Coy Koi


A Coy Koi -- 2011

Koi, those large highly prized Japanese goldfish, are a frequent subject of painters. It’s probably the colors and graceful motion, and perhaps the traditional symbolism of the koi as perseverance in the face of adversity, strength and good luck. Step up to a koi pond, and the fish seem very coy, shyly approaching, then quickly swimming away.

It may be foolish to ascribe a human behavior such as coyness to a fish. After all, their wild heritage and instincts should make them naturally averse to any contact with man. On the other hand, their food often arrives along with the shadow of a person standing over their pond, rewarding them for approaching when this shadow of man appears. Their apparent coyness may just be the result of conflicting instincts and rewards.

Of course human coyness may also be a result of conflicting instincts, hungers and rewards. Perhaps the koi are not so different from us after all, and it is we who have learned to be koi.


Koi Ripples - 2011

10 Comments on “Those Coy Koi

  1. reflective both visually and thoughtfully, very much enjoyed your words accompanying the artwork, and stunning images of the coy koi.

  2. Thanks, tipota! Must have been that “reflecting” pool, huh? I can understand now why koi are such popular subjects for painters.

  3. I love them! Graceful and beautiful and their fins remind me of a painter’s brush stroke. My youngest daughter went to a fancy school which had a big koi pond and small waterfall IN side the school. Nice job.

  4. Hi Sweetiegirlz! Thanks so much. Sounds like a nice school with an indoor koi pond. I think they might have been a distraction for me, though!

  5. I always find the Coy waiting for food, but I only look in ponds … and other stuff small things.

  6. Hi planteross! Glad you can take the time to visit, with all the troubles going on in your environs… So that’s it? The coy are just waiting for food? I thought maybe they were being cute or flirtatious.

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