Life and Death on the Beach

ghost crab hole

Hole of the Ghost Crab -- 2010

Sandy areas of the beach are riddled with the holes of ghost crabs that scurry in and out, leaving their trails in the sand. While the dismemebered crab remains near this hole is not a ghost crab, its proximity to the trail of the live crab was poignant reminder of the rhthym of life and death on the beach.

The colors and shapes of the rocks along the shore tell the story of another, much slower, rhythm. As inevitable as life and death, this is the rhythm of the earth itself as rocks are thrust up and then worn down over the eons by the sea.

rock rhythm

Rhythm of the Rocks -- 2010

9 Comments on “Life and Death on the Beach

  1. It is hard to watch the rhythm of life amidst such beauty. I find a profound sadness in each of these images, but there is also a sense of peace–that this rhythm also contains a joy, a fullness in the moment.

  2. Thanks, Melinda… so perceptive. A “profound sadness”, yet beauty, joy and “a fullness in the moment” — all different sides of the same coin.

  3. I love how the bottom image looks like it’s underwater. I almost feel like I’m looking at a macro shot of a barnacle.

  4. Cool, razzbuffnik. An underwater close-up of a barnacle… I can see it. So I must have been a little crab poking around down there!
    Thanks for visiting!

  5. The rocks in the second image remind me of a very large tree stump for some reason.

    “thrust up and then worn down” works for rocks, socks, … and those little cylinders of lip balm. hee hee!

  6. Hi planetross! See that green stuff on top of the “stump”? That’s the rest of the tree; it’s just oddly proportioned. Now that we have that clarified, I’m still working on the thrusting up of the socks and lip balm…. ha, ha!
    Thanks for the comment!

  7. Very cool. The first one is indeed a ghostly image.
    (Crabs kind of creep me out. Too much like spiders.)

    The second image feels like a punch to the chest–it just feels so extreme, and shocking, and powerful. Wow!!

  8. P.S. I just tried to comment on the “barbed wire bath” one (love it, very haunted house-y), and it says “Comments are closed” at the bottom of the comments. Why?

  9. Hi Jala! Thanks! No, crabs surely aren’t cuddly like those animolecules. A punch in the chest, huh! Wow. That one must have worked.

    The “comments close” apparently is a wordpress default setting after 60 days. Luddite that I am, I was not aware of it, but have now moved it to 90 days! Sorry about that… you interested in a barbed wire bath for your spa?

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