Red Majorettes

Red Majorettes

Red Majorettes -- 2010

The “Red Majorettes” was selected, along with work from 13 other artists, for inclusion in the Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts 2011 calendar. It is the first year that photography-based images have been included as a fine art. The “Red Majorettes” illustrate the month of December — a fitting choice because December is the beginning of the festival season on St. Croix. I am pleased to be included.

The face below is a rework of an earlier image of a “warrior” re-enacting a part of his heritage. It is cropped more closely, the edges and textures are softer and more painterly, and some of the color is desaturated — all to focus more on his disturbing gaze that nevertheless demands respect.

reliving history

Warrior -- 2010

12 Comments on “Red Majorettes

  1. The bottom image is so strong. I find it unsettling and the little diagonals across the vertical at the bottom left add a sense of menacing danger. Diagonals always seem to me, to cause tension.

  2. Congratulations! You deserve a solo exhibit of your images, in my opinion.

    Both of these images are intriguing. I love the sense of atmosphere in the first one. And, the second close up image is profoundly intimate.

  3. Thanks razzbuffnik! I find that image unsettling, too, and I don’t think it is the red lips. The composition with the single eye, and inclusion of the sword and those two diagonals do add tension. You are right about diagonal lines and shapes.

  4. Thanks so much, Melinda. I agree that these are both strong and personally intimate.
    In a solo exhibit it is interesting to look around the room when the pieces are all up, and see the common threads that run through them. Even in my case where there is some diversity of subject matter and style, those threads can become visible.

  5. Congratulations being included for the calendar. Top image beautiful pretty and sweet. The second images so powerful seems a little sad to me at the same time. With the two faces reminding me of the idea of layers and masks.

  6. Greetings from an ol’ majorette! Well, not really, but does a Catholic girl’s school with blue, green ribbons diagonally worn across the body to signify levels of leadership if I remember correctly, count. Plus, they were ranked, I think. #1 blue ribbon, #2…etc. I like your majorettes better! Congratulations on beginning the festival season! Your second image for sure would be a festival-ender, don’t you think?

  7. Thanks Starla! It is interesting living as a guest in a different culture. Things are not always as you would expect… powerful/sad, layers and masks… great words to describe it.

  8. Hi Pat! I think these majorettes may have been having a better time — well, perhaps at least less inhibited — than the young ladies from the Catholic girls’ school bedecked in blue and green ribbons. But sure, you can count yourself among them!
    The face in the second image reveals a bit of the undercurrent of tension and resentment one often feels here, even during the holidays.

  9. Congratulations on the calendar Don! I second the idea of a solo show! Your photographs are fine art of a high calibre and “Red Majorettes” is a fine example!

    Your “Warriors” face has seemed to open a window to his soul in the reflection of his gaze.

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