In the Garden

Three Chairs in the Garden

Three Chairs in the Garden - 2010

During a peaceful afternoon in a forest garden everyday scenes come alive. When the breeze blows, the dappled spots of sunlight and deep shadows swirl around the three chairs neatly arranged on the lawn under a large spreading tree, waiting for the guests to arrive.

And then there are the fallen leaves just under the surface of the water that has collected in the old copper across the yard. The bits of blue sky filtering down through the canopy of leaves above become shimmering flashes of light, like fireflies dancing across the surface.

leaves in water

Floating Leaves - 2010

16 Comments on “In the Garden

  1. The chairs look like they’ve somehow skipped through our dimension into another of their own.

    I love the lower image best – just gorgeous!

  2. Wow, these are really beautiful Don! Your images evoke all kinds of emotional response, some, very powerful……but these are.. serenity

  3. So Beautiful I think I enjoyed the writting images as much as I enjoyed the photo images. Such a breath of fresh air in a hecktic world. I agree with the above comment serenity.

  4. Thanks, Robin! Serenity… interesting you use that word because this was a serene place where the mind can relax. Nice to hear that these touched that chord!

  5. Hi Starla! I didn’t know what else to say about these, so I wrote what I saw. Glad you appreciated both. A little calm is always welcome, isn’t it? Thanks!

  6. Those chairs are gorgeous, and those leaves…those leaves look like gem stones. Two fabulously beautiful images!!!!

  7. Oh, thank you, Carol! These were all about colors and shapes and motion. As always, they’re better in a larger size where the textures can join in!

  8. As I look at the first image, I can sense the dance of cool air with warm as they flow and move through the garden chairs. A beautiful place to contemplate the motion, color and shape you find inspirational.

    Love that green in the foreground chair!

  9. Interesting, Melinda, that you sense the dance of warm and cool air around the garden chairs. Indeed, the air was not still, nor was the light. Thanks so much!

  10. I couldn’t figure what you meant at first, razzbuffnik, but then I squinted and saw a bit of a DNA helix curling through the image. Now I can’t see much else. Surreal, yes!

  11. If I had your eyes, I probably couldn’t drive at all. hee hee! (compliment)

    note: 1st photo … DNA-ish/Alice in Wonderland. 2nd photo … looks like fabulous fruit!

  12. Funny, planetross! too much swirling around, huh? I like the idea of those leaves being some kind of exotic fruit… Thanks!

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