Pointers in Red and Green

Pointing to the Red

Pointing to the Red - 2010

If there were such a thing as compass points within the picture frame, both of these images would be pointing off to the north-northeast. But they seem to be pointing to something else, too.

green coconut

Immature Coconut - 2010

22 Comments on “Pointers in Red and Green

  1. yes they do point at something else, something luminous, something more than what they are. incredible color. stunning.

  2. The first image reminds me of when we are conoeing on a small lake watching the boat cut into the calm water. Looking back at the desturbed reflection the boat makes. The second image amazes me, with the luminous color fantastic! The aura around the coconut also encouraging bright light, mysteirous.

  3. Hey Don, strong images. Love the pointing to the red. It reminds me of a boat slicing through the water to the explosion that happened at the horizon! And the coconut just glows from the inside. Maybe the coconut was caught it the explosion and became radioactive?

    I love the colors in both.

  4. Don- that glowing coconut? Nothing immature about that one!
    I’d actually like my fortune told from deep inside it’s luminous orb. I like the off kilter tilt to it’s placement and as always with your art, your use of color is so thoughtfully selected.

  5. PS- we’re still cleaning up debris and broken shrubs and trees from Earl.
    And more dead leaves than a New England autumn. My brush is being replaced by pruners and a rake.
    How did you do out your way?

  6. Thank you tipota! You said it well… something luminous, numinous… Nothing like a good dose of color to brighten the day!

  7. Starla, thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed these and that they brought you back to memories of the canoe cutting through the calm waters. Nice image!

  8. Hi Carol! A radioactive coconut, huh? Yup, it just floated in off that bright red sea! Thanks for the chuckle… and for your visit and kind comment!!

  9. Hi Bonnie, and welcome home! I wonder what fortune that coconut would tell?
    We survived the storm well. We are exposed to the north but were protected from those west winds that were the worst of it for many people. Power was out for a long time, but the new generators kicked in and kept the lights on. We never lost internet or phone service, although cable was down for a week (no big loss there). Thanks for your comment!! Now get raking. 😉

  10. Your work always gets to me! I was going to write blown away…

    Both of these images are spectacular and I’m particularly liking the “Immature Coconut.” Just wow.

    So glad to read that you made it through the storm and are doing well. It’s kind of a relief not to have internet sometimes…

  11. Thanks so much, Melinda. Your comments always mean a lot to me. How about we send that coconut energy over there to that dog of yours?

  12. I really like the coconut image. It looks so full of the promise of what’s to come in the future like some sort of natural scrying ball.

  13. Ha, ha, Pat! Depends on whether you are looking deep into that coconut like razzbuffnik is… or following that boat out into the firey sea! Thanks!

  14. I see a man with a beaklike nose and one eye peering out from beneath a shawl or cowl.

    … and I see an immature coconut too!

  15. Thanks planetross… now I know there is a secret man in the coconut, too! And once again, now that you mention him, sure enough, there he is.

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