festival performer

Dancer - 2010

These two images are from a street festival. The man was a dancer and performer. He stood out with his serious clear-eyed gaze and spear held so close. The woman was a spectator… of sorts. She was so excited and having a good time just dancing on her own up and down the street! And best of all, her curved pink sunglasses almost perfectly echoed the shape of her wide-open smile. If only we could all find such joy so easily.

Woman from St. Croix

Havin' a good time -- 2010

12 Comments on “Faces

  1. sensitivity in the art of portraiture is so much more than just a likeness. here the likeness is achieved while the images are painted with a looseness and with textures like drybrush, layering of color, washes and
    volume of color. they have a great space, depth. and yet all planes are delicately connected. the transitions for instance in “Havin’ a good time’ the red at the left to the dark black, charcoal tones to the greys to the blues and under her chin to the right a hint of brown that somehow weaves the sense of color together. and the ‘activity’ of color within color, such as her shoulder reading as black cloth but actually being full of many intricate colors which are in some way balancing with the other surrounding areas. it all just resonates. great work!

  2. Thanks, tipota. I’m glad you like these — including “Havin’ a good time” which is the more subtle of the two. And best of all, your comment gives me more understanding of why some things work and others don’t. Thanks!!

  3. Great work Don! You really capture personality of subjects in a unique way. “Havin a Good Time” is a classic! The eyes of “Dancer” draw the viewer into his story. Really like the stairway and gate as well!

  4. I love the first image. He looks like he’s just parted from a heavy petting session that he wishes never ended.

  5. Robin – Thanks! I liked the eyes of the “Dancer”, too. Almost spooky. Now read the comment below yours for another take on it!!

    razzbuffnik – A “heavy petting session?” What a hoot! I love it. Thanks!

  6. I like the image of the face above the right eye in the first image.

    please tell me that I’m not seeing things.
    there really is another image of his face on his face?

  7. I think I’m living in crazy, but they’ve just changed the name to confuse me more. hee hee!

  8. Ok, I’ve got to NOT read the comments before I comment because now I’ve forgotten what I was going to say after reading “heavy petting session”. Who was he making out with? Helena Rubenstein? Queen of Tarts? That’s not lipstick that’s a quart of paint.

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