courtyard stairway

Stairway -- 2010

Stairways, doorways. Ways in and out. Their graphic qulaities attract my eye, and the ambiguity of where they lead teases my mind. These were both in one of the many interior courtyards in old Christiansted.

The courtyard has a few small offices along the back wall and a suite of offices in one of the buildings above. The center, open to the sky, had been the site of a now defunct restaurant (business opportunity anyone?). The door with the round window was behind the bar and had the patina of long and frequent use by many hands. It seemed to look back at me as if wondering where all the people had gone.

Door with round window

Doorway -- 2010

11 Comments on “Ways

  1. I love these photos. They have such impact. I think you are very successful here in making the subject matter and design work together to make the images stronger. The contrasting values really draw the eye in and around the pictures and the colors and textures are great. In the first one there is just a hint of stairs. In “Doorway” I have the eerie sense that I am being watched by that shadow of a man inside the window. Love the edgy green and red together.

  2. I like the abstract quality of the first image and it reminds my of one of those close up shots of a large insect.

    The second image has a foreboding feeling that is accentuated by the “eye” in the middle. It reminds me of the scrying eye in “The Lord of the Ring” or perhaps a guardian eye seal on an Egyptian tomb.

  3. i see a kind of calligraphic “W” (for Ways, the title, which is great) in The Stairway, where the lower points of it are emphasized with red x’s, but an abstract composition, the shapes, the splash of red top right, crisscrossed bars and the blue in them.
    Doorway-2010 is so inviting. it looks like one would be in for a treat if one opened it. c’mon inside! the colors are rich and there’s a lot of movement, it seems full of motion, while captured in a pose.
    both pieces are wonderful!

  4. Catherine – thanks so much! These were fun to do because the original material had so much character to begin with.

    Razzbuffnik, you are right that I was tying to bring out the abstract qualities of the stairway and railing. Never thought of an insect, but I can see the resmblance. Don’t fear the door, though… we are always being watched! Thanks!

    tipota, thanks! I always enjoy your insightful comments. I liked the graphic strength of the stairway, but had more ambiguous (and stronger) feelings about the doorway. It’s interesting that some get a sense of foreboding from it, while others find it curious and inviting. Glad you picked up on the movement in it!

    Jala, thanks for visiting! while the stairway is interesting for its abstract design qualities, I think the doorway is more fluid and visceral. Glad you like it!

  5. The circle in the 2nd photo reminds me of a hatch handle on a submarine.

    If I saw a door like that, I’d think I was in a painting.

  6. planetross! But didn’t you know… you ARE living in a painting!

    That window in the door really was a hatch from a ship, so you aren’t imagining the nautical flavor…
    Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Both these images, Don, have a nice blend of graphic and abstract and the color palettes from you are, of course, always lovely.

  8. Thanks Pat! It is interesting how the colors in the two images work together. Probably a product of the lighting and the overall patina of the courtyard.

  9. I think your work is AMAZING ! The first gander over here I felt like I was walking around an art museum. I am interested in digital photo work I think maybe it could be the artistic wave of the future. I wish I had all the complimentary words your work deserves. I’ll just say your talent leaves me speechless. Looking forward to visiting your site in the future.

  10. Hi starlaschat! Thanks so much for visiting and for your lovely comment. I think digital media are only beginning to be explored. Please do come back!!

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