Rooted in the Magic Forest

Rooted in the Magic Forest

Rooted in the Magic Forest

Buttress roots form at the base of many old shade trees in the thin tropical soils. These roots curve around and reach out to support the massive trees above. This was an old silk cotton, or kapok, tree whose buttress roots seemed to be actively searching for what they needed from the earth.

8 Comments on “Rooted in the Magic Forest

  1. Hi Donald, saw your comment on Ross’ blog & dropped by. Wow you have some amazing photos here, enjoyed looking through them, Kind regards from Tasmania, Tony 🙂

  2. The use of contradictory pastel colors enhances the majestic beauty of these trees.
    Their structure is a good example of geometry and engineering at work.

    I love these trees as I do the giant samans that grace the west end.

  3. Tony, thanks so much for stopping by! Glad you like the work!

    Bonnie, I have a much darker, stronger colored version of this, but felt the light foggy pastels enhanced the mystery and strength of the tree. Big trees are so rare and wonderful. Just think what these old guys have seen!

    Jala, indeed it can be spooky, especially deep in the woods, if you let your imagination run…

  4. When I first opened your blog your image was magically cropped halfway down the frame by my small laptop screen. I didn’t know it was a tree. It looked like an abstract painting of lines sweeping upwards towards a point — like a pyramid of a absinthe binge. It looked great. As a tree it works well too! Nice choice of colors and tones.

  5. photos4u2c– An absinthe binge? Oh my! Glad you enjoyed the top half before seeing the whole thing. Thanks for your comment!

  6. Don,
    I love this piece – I agree w/ Jala, has kind of a fairy tale feel to it – beautiful!!

  7. Thanks, Jane. The light foggy colors do give it a fairy-tale feel, much moreso than the darker brooding colors I had started with.

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