Along King Street in Frederiksted

Along King Street - 2009

Along King Street - 2009

A young woman was relaxing in the shade of an arched arcade along the main thoroughfare of Frederiksted on the west end of St. Croix. The colors of her clothes and the building, her white headscarf, and the classic arch of the building’s arcade made for an iconic image of this old and economically depressed town.

10 Comments on “Along King Street in Frederiksted

  1. You’ve gone for more realism in this one Don and prove that you can employ your eye for composition, color and subject equally as well.

    Frederiksted is such an architectural stunner. It holds so much history, and still looks like it would rise to accommodate a growing future.

    Ooh, I’d like to paint this one!

  2. Tres nice! The colours are fab and the subject lovely.

  3. Yes, Bonnie, a little more literal on this one. The subject matter called for it. Frederiksted is a stunner all right. I hope it can be saved — without destroying it. Thanks for the compliment!

    S. Le, thanks again! It would have been hard to go wrong, given the subject matter.

  4. Great image–she’s front and center, even centered under the arch–she’s framed–and then that bright yellow wonderfully off-center, and the sign balancing it…just a great one.

  5. Thanks, Jala! This was one of those photos that was half way there, and just needed a little boost to bring out all those elements you mention and make it sing.

    razzbuffnik, I guess I’m a sucker for that, too Those colors just work off each other. Thanks!

  6. Oh, I love this, Don. It is more realistic as Bonnie says but the composition and color is dreamy!

  7. Amazing colors. Exactly how I picture St. Croix. Wish I were Johnny Wishbone and could stroll the beaches of my native island.

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