Rum Factory Pot Still

Pot Still - 2009

Pot Still - 2009

This is an old pot still used in the making of rum back in the nineteeth century. With its strange gooseneck this is a somewhat unusual-looking relic of the sugar-based argibusiness of the Caribbean’s past. The image is dark and muddy to reflect my feelings about that past and some of its effects on people that continue to be passed down through the generations, even today.

For a gorgeous oil painting of an ancient sugar mill, and a description of things that took place there, check the May 20th post from Bonnie Luria, St. Croix painter and fellow blogger. Honestly, we didn’t conspire to address the same subject on the same day!

10 Comments on “Rum Factory Pot Still

  1. Wow Don! This could be one of my favorites. In a most painterly way, you balance color, texture, space, composition and then with thoughtfulness, you add your always succinct and pointed comments.

    Such a strong coincidence that we both posted the same genre on the same day……Jumbies……..
    I had to add a post script link on my blog to this posting of yours.

  2. Thanks for your generous priase, Bonnie. I’ve just returned the favor of a link back to you. Jumbies for sure!

  3. Ooh, this is great. It has somehow the look of a pastel, like in a really beautifully illustrated children’s mystery book.

  4. Vivien, thank you. Yes, sometimes all that extra detail in a photo is not so helpful.

    Jala, thank you, too. It would be a dark mystery, though…

  5. This image looks like an encaustic version of a frame capture from the the old video game “Riven”. Nice.

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