Flaming Hibiscus

Flaming Hibiscus - 2009

Flaming Hibiscus - 2009

I saw this beautiful yellow hibiscus while walking in the neighborhood. It seemed to be just crackling and sizzling with energy, a physical manifestation of the sunshine we get here each day.

7 Comments on “Flaming Hibiscus

  1. This easily could be an artist’s rendering of sun spots and all those little explosions that are on their way to sandy shores. Very nice, Don!

  2. Like a bolt of lightening caught with a fast shutter, this is not only beautifully shown, but perfectly described.

    Are you starting to ” curate ” these in your mind to prepare for your July show?

  3. Pat- Thanks. That isn’t what I had originally intended, but once it started to happen, there it was!

    Thank you, Bonnie. And yes I am starting to “curate” (July 18, I think). In some ways it’s the hardest part, because one must be their own harshest critic, and there will be some personal favorites that have to be left behind.

  4. Little lightning bolts… perhaps this hibiscus didn’t listen to its parents and stuck its finger into the electrical socket… they also remind me of little blood vessels. In either case, it makes the flower very much alive.

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