Point Udall View to Buck Island

Buck Island View from Point Udall - 2009

Buck Island View from Point Udall - 2009

Local tourism brochures advertise Point Udall on St. Croix as the easternmost point in the United States. The park and monument on Point Udall are on a high hill. This view looks back to the northwest along St. Croix’s north shore toward the iconic Buck Island in the distance. Although abstracted into a study in shape and color, the glowing attraction of the offshore landmark is still recognizable.

5 Comments on “Point Udall View to Buck Island

  1. Beautiful. I really love the part where the orangey coral colours meet the aqua sea colours. I’m just a sucker for discords.

  2. Like an artist of many mediums, I love how you made this scene so well known to us, look like a lush pastel abstract.
    I’m betting Miss Jala will take notice.

    I really like how you use your image to extract shapes, composition, and color play to it’s best advantage.

  3. Thanks razzbuffnik, glad you like those “discords”. I kind of like them, too, even though I didn’t really know what they were called.

    Bonnie, thanks so much. As you see, Jala did take notice! As you guessed, this really was a conscious effort to extract the the abstract from the original scene. The color changes helped with that.

    Jala- Thank you!!

  4. Oh, how funny, I just noticed what Bonnie predicted. !!
    It looks like a juicy pastel.

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