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In Motion - 2011

We are moving. After nearly 12 years living in the Caribbean we decided last fall that a return to the continent would be the next step in the adventure we began back in 1999 when we sailed off into the sunset. Of course, the islands do not let one go easily. It is only through luck, and a large dose of serendipity that we have been able to follow through so quickly on our decision.

We will miss the stunning natural beauty of the islands, and feel fortunate for the years we have lived so close to the sea. We will also miss the many friends we have come to value here. But the potential for expanded opportunities and enthusiasm for our new life draw us forward.

The next post will come from Sarasota on Florida’s gulf coast. With all the complexities and distractions of moving from an island, it may be a little while. But don’t give up! It will be interesting for me (and I hope for you) to see how the change of scene affects my work.

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