siesta key beach

In Motion - 2011

We are moving. After nearly 12 years living in the Caribbean we decided last fall that a return to the continent would be the next step in the adventure we began back in 1999 when we sailed off into the sunset. Of course, the islands do not let one go easily. It is only through luck, and a large dose of serendipity that we have been able to follow through so quickly on our decision.

We will miss the stunning natural beauty of the islands, and feel fortunate for the years we have lived so close to the sea. We will also miss the many friends we have come to value here. But the potential for expanded opportunities and enthusiasm for our new life draw us forward.

The next post will come from Sarasota on Florida’s gulf coast. With all the complexities and distractions of moving from an island, it may be a little while. But don’t give up! It will be interesting for me (and I hope for you) to see how the change of scene affects my work.

11 Comments on “Changes

  1. Wow, that is big news! I wish you a safe and happy (well, as happy as possible) move.
    Your locale will still be tropical, though, so I imagine your art may remain very similar to what it has been.
    Good luck.

  2. I love your strong use of white in this piece. It must reflect the strength and enthusiasm that you have for your new adventure.

    Wishing you all the best. I hope all goes well for you and yours!

  3. Big news! I hope the move goes well.
    My sister moved from Canada to Sarasota, partially raised a few kids for 10 years or so, brought them back to Canada for the last raising bit, moved back to Sarasota when they didn’t raise enough, moved back to Canada, bought a different house in Sarasota, lives in Canada, and periodically visits there 3 or 4 times a year.
    I never visited her when she was living there fulltime, but I plan on getting there one day. She seems to like it.

  4. Wow Don! Nothing like a change of location, atmosphere, and attitude to spark the senses and inspire creativity! I look forward to see the move forward in your work as well……….only sad that I never got to visit you in St. Croix!
    Good luck my friend!

  5. Have to face the reality that you’re gone but sure know there’s a landing pad in Florida other than mom’s place.
    Your art will always find an audience, a larger one, to adapt to your growth as a photographer.
    Sail on Don.
    But as this piece, don’t turn your back on us completely.
    Luck and thrills anew.

  6. Thanks, everyone for your good wishes and comments. We are starting to settle in and now have an internet connection. However, our things are still in transit on the slow boat, so we are more or less “camping out” in our new place. Maybe in a week the computer, furniture and the rest will arrive!

    Jala – While still tropical, Florida is far less exotic. But there are subjects everywhere…. time will tell.

    Melinda – the photo was taken on Siesta Key beach where the sand is white and powdery. In fact, nearly everywhere where the grass or landscaping has been disturbed, there is white sand underneath, almost like an underpainting that shows through where the color is rubbed off…. Each place has its local palette. I hope I can find the right one for here.

    Planetross – thanks for the story about your sister. I feel much better now knowing that someone has moved far more often than me. Twice more would probably kill me!

    Robin – Thanks so much for the good wishes. Yes, it’s a jolt to the system! I, too, look forward to the results!

    Bonnie – Thanks for your kind compliments. It was sad to leave, but exciting to arrive. St. Croix will not be forgotten in my heart or my work. I think the colors and light there have etched themselves in my mind.

  7. you surely accomplished a phenomenal body of work there, the color especially.
    i think you’ll come away much more for the experience, and carry that same sparkle with you in your new surroundings, best of luck!

  8. Thank you, tipota. The color and light here are different, but as you suggest, I think the sense of color will persist. Still waiting for my computer and other studio stuff to arrive (slow boat, you know), and anxious to begin again!

  9. Where have I been! So much news and new work. Welcome back to the mainland. And just when my sister and her husband put a bid on a house in St. Croix!

    Love this photo. The white, yellow and blue all work together quite nicely.

  10. Hi Carol… so where HAVE you been?? It’s been a whirlwind, but we are here now. St. Croix needs house buyers, so good for your sister! I’ll bet it will have a spare room or two , too! Thanks for visiting!

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