Water Features

Ringling Bridge, Sarasota

The Bridge - 2011

Water can be a violent and stormy sea or calm and meditative, a soft yet powerful presence reflecting the sky above. Full of life, essential to life, water moves and changes like a living thing.

These images pay homage to some of these qualities. The calm waters of Sarasota Bay spanned by the delicate line of the Ringling Bridge, and the rich freshwater swamp where a primitive reptile might emerge out of the muck — both are an invitation to reflect.

Primordial Soup

Primordial Soup - 2011

10 Comments on “Water Features

  1. “The Bridge” is spectacular. I’m feeling drawn into the space as well as transported by a sense of meditation and spiritual reflection. Really strong work.

    Now, I must say that I don’t really like to think about being surprised by a primordial reptile! However, the image is intriguing and thoughtfully, beautifully made.

  2. Thank you, Melinda. I’m glad you like The Bridge. It is a local landmark near downtown that, for all its concrete, is beautiful as it gently curves over the Bay. I feared it might be too subtle.

    I have tried several times to capture some sense of this view, but the others seemed cluttered and ended up in the junk pile. This one was headed there, too, until a final thought opened the way to this spiritual contemplation of a pleasing intersection of the urban with the natural.

  3. I really love the bridge shot. It’s exactly the sort of image that make such good use of the vertical framing. The proportions of the layers of colour are perfect.

  4. Welcome back, razzbuffnik! Glad you like the bridge. It seems to get reactions from people, even though (or because) it’s so simple. You know I agree that it’s perfect for a vertical format. Thanks!

  5. I like what you wrote: “Water can be a violent and stormy sea or calm and meditative”

    Right now, for me it’s violent and stormy! That image of the bridge is amazing. A meditative abstract image.

  6. Thanks, Carol! You probably went down to the shore to watch the waves roll in? Ha, ha. That calm meditative state is often more pleasant. Thanks!

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