A Walk in the Park

The Blue Screen

The Blue Screen

It all started as a simple walk in the park. But then a glowing blue screen appeared at the end of a path singing the siren song “come, look at me” as most blue screens do. I demurred, anxious about what might be lurking along the path and in the shadows under the ferns lining the way. Later, in the cool deep shade at the foot of the Banyan tree surrounded by its roots, the energy of that grand old tree swirled around me.

Banyan tree

At the Foot of the Banyan

6 Comments on “A Walk in the Park

  1. Very enticing, those blue screens. Do all paths lead to them? It really does look like a magical walk. As we walked our dog tonight, we saw that every walkway led to a living room lit by such a screen. No one else was on the street.

    All the plants seem to be energized by the blue electric light. Or, the Banyan tree was speaking from the ground up!

    Excellent work again.

  2. Thanks, Melinda. It’s amazing on an evening walk like you describe… all paths lead to a blue screen, and no one is about outside to see the moon. It may help explain why our cultural respect for the natural world has atrophied.

  3. Great pics as usual. Never go near blue screens. Have you never heard of the blue screen of death?

  4. Hi Carol,
    Indeed I have heard of the “blue screen of death”. That’s when your computer craps out… but there’s one in the living room, too. Flickering seductively. Thanks!

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