The World Inside - 2010

A window in a wall between two spaces allows us to look from one space into the other. Looking in, we are often looking from a public space into a more private one. Looking out, we are more often in the private space viewing the more public space beyond. Of course, there are times that relationship is more ambiguous, or even reversed. As a visual metaphor, an open window between two places can also suggest different perceptions of reality layered upon each other and the possibility of movement or exchange between them. The two images here are examples of windows that explore these themes.

the light within

Second Story Light - 2010

8 Comments on “Windows

  1. You make a very interesting point Don. Seems it’s permissible to look out a window. But looking in has the earmarks of peeping tom-ism.
    You’ve also explored fully your great use of color and limited color.
    May this be the year for you of open doors and windows alike.

  2. Love your windows and your wonderful colors. I always look in people’s windows when I’m walking around the neighborhood. But I think my neighborhood lends itself to that. Like Bonnie says, it would be more peeping tom-ism if I lived in suburbia and had to walk down long driveways to look in windows.

    I always love seeing your photos. Happy 2011.

  3. I’m enjoying that the two images, one with high color and the second with a predominantly gray tone, each evoke an invitation in and a block from without.

    Really well done.

    Happiest of New Years! Wishing relationships for of interesting juxtapositions without ambiguity…unless you seek such!

  4. Carol, a happy 2011 to you, too. I think there must be something universal about peeking in windows, even my mother used to walk the neighborhood at dusk for just that purpose. Thanks so much!

  5. Thank you, Melinda. I enjoyed the contrast between these two images of siilar subjects. It has been a busy time , and we are looking forward to a great new year. All the best and some fabulous times in the studio to you!

  6. I remember walking around Amsterdam with some Amsterdamians. I asked why people kept their curtains open at night, and the answer was, “so people walking by can see the stucco-ish artwork of the apartment ceilings”.
    People on the first/bottom floors must have not had good ceilings … because their curtains were usually closed.

  7. As always, planetross, I have to chuckle at your comment. Perhaps the problem with the bottom floors was that instead of ceilings, people walking by would be looking at the walls, which were not so special? Thanks for stopping by!

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