Old Dog, Young Woman

A dog's life

A Life Well Lived - 2010

Bloodshot eyes, red gums and worn teeth did nothing to stop this old dog from enjoying life. Adorned with a carnation necklace and leaning against his owner’s knee, he was happily watching the antics of the St. Patrick’s Day parade crowd, ready to give any passerby a gentle lick and a wag.

In contrast, the young woman seated alone at Pleasant’s bar seemed isolated from the social swirl. All judgments aside, the contrast between the two images may say something about the variety in how we experience the world.

Young woman at the bar

Pleasant's Bar - 2010

12 Comments on “Old Dog, Young Woman

  1. Good commentary on the behavior of two social animals. I’ll take being more dog-like any day. I like how you’ve used a similar palette in each of these images, too.

  2. A lot can be said in an image that’s for sure. I love the Old Dog and the continentment and leaning on his owners leg. Saint Bernards really have those old eyes as they age. The young lady at the Bar, also says a lot I like all the space around her as it captures just how alone she looks and the three worn chairs. It makes me wonder what her story is nice work.

  3. Two more great images isolating moments of time in St. Croix! I would title them Loyalty and Leisure..Nice work Don!

  4. Thanks, Melinda. I guess I’m with the dogs, too! Yes the similarity of palettes is what first suggested posting these together.

    Hi Starla, and thanks for the comment! The dog was just as calm as could be with all the action swirling around him. A good old boy! Now the young woman, I know nothing about… so what does that say about me?

    Thanks again, Robin! Loyalty and Leisure… I like that!

  5. I’m really enjoying the palette in these two. The dark values with cadmium red, transparent red oxide, a bit of green…same as mine πŸ™‚ I love the painterly quality of the ceiling, the glow of the light, and that wonderful fish hanging so nonchalantly. The three chairs and one overhanging cheek add to this great composition. I don’t “feel” loneliness when I look at this…I think this is a nice quiet moment away from the hustle and bustle. sipping a white wine.
    And the dog…how can we not love that face.

  6. Thanks Catherine! As your comment suggests, the image of the woman at the bar is a much more complex picture than the old dog, both visually and in its emotional impact. Glad you liked the palette– you never know where that influence came from!

  7. I’m thinkin’ that dog is in the Twilight series? I didn’t know you had teenage girls around your house, Don. Yikes, is all I’m sayin’.

    That girl is sublime, however. Cutest little butt cheek I ever did see.

  8. Hi Pat! Funny comment on the dog; a real sad sack with a wagging tail. And the girl… no, no teenage girls around here, but a few in town!

  9. I love the dog shot. The woman shot just looks sad. I guess dogs get to enjoy more by being in the moment, all the time.

  10. Thanks razzbuffnik. Indeed, I think dogs worry less about the past and the future, lucky beings. It’s interesting the different reactions people have had to the image of the young woman at the bar. Some see it as pleasant leisure, others as sad and lonely. Maybe that ambiguity makes it interesting.

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